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If your air conditioning is leaking or simply act oddly, we are available to provide a solution for your air conditioning problem immediately. Just call our toll-free number and we will take care of the rest. We are available 24/7 for Brooklyn Air conditioning Repair at:

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The below information is placed here in order to help you get more familiar with your air conditioning and how you may be able extend its life. This information can also tell you how you can use your air conditioning in the most efficient way, which will save you money on your utility bills. However, we do not include this information as a suggestion or recommendation that you perform air conditioning repairs on your own. All air conditioning repairs require experience, professional training and air conditioning repair tools. Repairs for electric and gas air conditioning systems can become very dangerous without the right knowledge, experience and tools. For experienced, professional Brooklyn air conditioning repair help, call us 24/7 at:

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Air Condition Inside

Most modern air conditioning systems use fluorinated hydrocarbons. Reciprocating air conditioning equipment uses R-12 and R-22, while R-11 is used in centrifugal machines. You will notice that is avoided the use of the word "Freon." The word "Freon" is a trademark of the du Pont Company and should not be used as the generic name for this family of air conditioning refrigerants. These air conditioning refrigerants are generally safe and non-toxic, but in the presence of flame or excessive heat, will break down into a poisonous gas and/or hydrochloric acid. The source of power for the reciprocating air conditioning compressor can be an electric motor or natural gas engine. Centrifugal machines can be driven by electric motors, steam turbines, or gas turbines. The selection of the source of air conditioning power depends on an economic analysis of owning and operating costs, availability of fuels, service facilities, and familiarity of operating personnel with equipment.
Early air conditioning refrigerants were ammonia, dioxide, carbon dioxide, or methyl chloride. With the exception of ammonia. these refrigerants are rarely, if ever, used today because of their toxicity and other disadvantages. Ammonia, even though it is toxic, is still being used in product and process refrigeration. True, its use is declining, but many air conditioning  manufactures prefer it and continue to install ammonia systems.
An air conditioning evaporator can be a finned coil installed in an air-handling air conditioning unit which cools and/or dehumidifies air. Another form is a shell and tube heat exchanger (similar to the type used as a condenser) used to chill water or brine. In refrigeration work, the term brine is used to signify any anti-freeze solution and does not necessarily mean a salt water solution.
Let's skip back to the air conditioning compressor for a moment. Remember,  that the compressor raised the pressure of the refrigerant and its boiling point or, if it is easier to visualize, its condensing point so that we could condense the gas into a liquid.

You can schedule your same-day Brooklyn, NY air conditioning repair appointment simply by calling us at:

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